Monday, September 25, 2006

I can't believe what has just happened

I can't. I have had a stupidly difficult two weeks during which I discovered I have accidentally been plundering my own savings and now have none left (so it better not be a rainy day), have been defrauded by a fake eBay and had to cancel the cheque which cost me a tenner, old work has decided not to pay me the holiday pay they owe me (thank you, old work, you are a disgrace)a Good Friend has decided they are not a Good Friend any more (why?, have been working like a mad demon to manage new work, finishing CD, cat throwing up on stairs, empty fridge all-the-time,need to get tooth filled but have to wait two weeks. You know, all that stuff.
I got a telephone call from the promotions company at a newspaper, telling me I have won a computer!
Is it true?
I entered a newspaper competition in a paper I found on the Tube on Friday about 15 minutes before the lines closed, one of those competitions where you don't have to do anything clever at all, just send a text. I was so knackered I had to have a few goes but managed to do it in the end.
What do you think? Do you think it was a hoax?


Lazyllama said...

Well, it does sounds like it's your turn to have some luck, so let's hope so.

If it's the Metro compo, I'd say it's pretty likely you are indeed a winner. How else would any company know that you'd entered a competition to win a computer?

Sure, could be a coincidence but I'm hoping not!

ian g said...

sounds like your current computer is a bit of a lifeline.
How must it feel now it knows you want to replace it?
And you thought you were having a bad time.
Only kidding, good luck but i'd be wary.

monty said...

try not to have fillings, cos they can fall out, thus requiring more treatment. Better to have the whole tooth removed. Open Wide.

monty said...

Dear Helen-you've been done, they saw you coming, those competition people. More commonly called confidence tricksters, perhaps you are easily fooled? If thats the case, please can you lend me £1000000 for my in-growing earlobe operation? all my friends have turned against me, they call me a freak!
Perhaps i am!